We'll never be.

When I first saw you, I instantly fell in love because all I needed was one look. It's surprising how my heart is still beating after all the stabbings it took. Your smile lit up the room and your eyes glistened like the sun. I guess it's safe to say that I'm still head over heels after the damage that's been done. I told you I trusted you, but then you lost that trust. How was I supposed to know that you were only feeling lust? Your beauty lies to me and it makes me forget about the person you really are. My heart is glued to yours, yet our bodies are so far. Whenever we are face to face I hope that you don't see your reflection in my eyes. I pray that you don't realize that my words are disguised as lies. It's better for me to pretend, then to accept the fact that you don't want me. Without you in my life I'll never be the person I want to be. Maybe I could've loved you and maybe we could've been. The if's and maybe's continue to haunt me over and over again. There's an endless cycle of grief and heartache in my life that revolves around you. They say that these are just fresh wounds, but the scars are too permanent to be true. If we're not meant to be, then it's not in my power to change what fate has in store. I may be a fool, but even a fool knows when not to wait around anymore. Only dear time will tell how this tragedy will end. All I know is that we'll never be more than friends. We'll never be.

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