Just A Cat

Love Poems

Cats come and go, they can be a nuisance, a companion, a beautiful sight to behold, and they can ran after that darn rat that all of us wants to get rid of. I am used to having them, I like them, and the color of their eyes can take my breath away.

But there is this one cat, that not only took my breath away, he also made me remember what it means to miss someone you really care.Recently, my tenant had to vacate my house, so when the time came that I had to clean up, I could not help but noticed this chubby, golden, yellow colored eyes of a cat. Everytime I open my gate, there he is, sitting at the porch, as if waiting,looking up,as if wondering who am I, and stares at me for so long.

It was love at first sight, but when ever I approach him, he runs away, as if to say, no you are not my master, no, you never fed me, and no, you are a woman.Later on I found out, that he is a stray cat, that was taken in by my tenant. He was welcomed, fed, and I guess, they loved one another.My tenant is going to a very far place, and could not possibly bring the cat.

He still does not like me,but everytime I go, he is still sitting at my porch, he still stares at me, and yes, he goes away, but I have been feeding him by leaving behind his food before I leave. He eats all of them, and this time, he stares longer, comes near me, and I think he is beginning to fall in love with me too... If you want to know, why I liked him right away, it was the way he looked... waiting, wondering, somehow hoping that my tenant will come back,and be together again.Once upon a time, I had the same look, and promised myself that no one should have that look again, even if he is just a cat!!

Is it going to be a happy ending? well, just like in the movies, you will never know unless you log in...LOL

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