Then And Now

Then and now, two very simple words, short and concise,easy to remember, and also to forget.But not to me, cause, these are the words, that made up "me."

Then was younger, then was impulsive, then was impatient, and then was reckless.There were no tomorrows,all were just "todays," there were no yesterdays, only moments to enjoy.Then was to fall in love, to kiss in a bliss, to follow your man, whatever it takes.Then is the best time of your lives,happy or sad, we make the most of it. Not all emerged winning, cause a lot lost and despaired, but luckily my guardian angels, took very well care of me.

Now is my today, my moment and my reality. Now is my calmness, my stillness and my contentment.Now, there are no arguements, no fights and no contest. Now I sit back, and I look at life.What happened to the yesterdays, does not matter anymore, what happens to my todays, I am happy to accept.

Crossing the boundaries of life, and the rivers of knowledged, I have realized that endeed life is so short, there is this one advice, taken or ignored, and I will share it gladly to the ones who cares to read on.

My Now and my Then, are so much in contrast, why can't our Nows, be also our Then,after all it does not take so much effort,be calm and be still, with your world and your love ones,give gratitude to this Universe, cause she will gladly accept it,there is virtue and reward, when you do all of these.

We only have one life, embraced it though not perfect, problems we encounter, take it one at a time,help those who are needy,a little will go along the way, remember where we came from,and remember who you met, they too will have their stories to tell.

Be safe in all your journeys, cause your Then and your Now, depends solely on them.

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