If This Was A Perfect World

If this was a perfect world, there will be only poems to read. If this was a perfect world, there will be only lovers' to see, no war to contend with, no hunger to experience,and no sickness to bear.If this was a perfect world, rainbows are forever, nature will be perfect and full moons will be constant.

A perfect world indeed, and where is the balance, the balance of this Universe, humans are made of emotions, of intellect and will, and being so, a perfect world, will not be perfect at all.For we always crave for changes, for monotony will be a tiresome sameness.And humans will not allow such an unexplained happiness.

So this life may not be perfect,but it is all what we've got, and it may not offer all solutions, but a small step we can take, it may not grant all our wishes, but who needs to have it all,our hearts may break from time to time, but this is what separates us from the rest, to learn to heal and to love again.  

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