Eating Out, New York Style


You can be hungry, and you can be angry. This I found out one hungry day in the city that never sleeps.One can get lost in this city, well, that is not so bad to happen as long as you have your cell and your address book, and with a little dough and brains, then you are okay.

But it is altogether a different story when you are cold, tired,hungry, and to wait for almost 2 hours to be able to rest,and eat. I am just a visitor, so when I am invited, all I can say is thank you and go wherever the wind blows.

When I was told that it would take 10 blocks to go to the famous resto, where we have to eat, for a while, I had to looked at my shoes. Fine enough, I was in my walking and most comfortable shoes ( you will have to be crazy, wearing heels when you are going around in this lighted city,unless you're dating George Clooney,)Take note: there are no parking spaces;

Block 1-5, was easy, 6-8 was making all the vehicles look like roasted chicken running around the streets,9-10 I was in a desert,and camels were looking like roasted pigs.Finally we arrive, a huge sign says, Houston, I wondered whether the owners were from Texas,and maybe so, since a gigantic form of a horse, made of paper mache' greets you in tne hall.

THEN, you are told to wait, for 30 minutes, then 45, then an hour, then another 10, until we had no choice but to order their entrees of dips and drinks.Tired and cold, and hungry, I ate all of it with gusto, as if it was the last meal of my fragile life and body.Finally after almost 2 hours, we were seated to our table. But by this time, if only I can tell my host to just serve me a dessert, I would have gladly done it.Looking at all of them happy and contented, I went for the ride,but by this time, I was full.

Looking back, when in a foreign land,we are not only lost for directions, words are sometimes not understood,stares are common when your skin is not white,you can drop dead in the streets, and no one will touch you. Cultures are different,values will always be the same, but when it comes to good time and eating out,they top it all.They brave the cold, the distance, the long wait, the noise, the waiting, as long as you make it to one of their best restaurants.

To my host and his very beautiful family, I thank you most from the bottom of my heart.It was a difficult but successful experience, but it was not the food at all; Being shown around, tasted one of the best food servings, I have ever eaten, was worth the wait and the experience...Where I am now, I fret a little, but the experience I treasure:

Although, if ask to do it again,I will gladly say, no thank you, I can still have a good time in my favorite resto in my favorite mall, arriving in my gorgeous outfit, matching with my favorite heels, looking fresh and rested, smiling to the hilt, cuz right in front of me: is my eat all you can, with my favorite dishes that abounds!!

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