Re: With Attachment

Love Poems

When opening my inbox,

I find my friends in there.

Letters and messages,

are expected and are clear.

But when re:with attachment,

are included in the air.

Then my heart beats so fast,

especially when it comes,

from someone I care.

Re: with attachment is mysterious

and fun, bouquets of flowers,

boxes of yummies, you can see and find.

When a little note, says I still remember you,

they are just in papers, inks and drawings too,

but as I read those messages, how come I become

a caricature too.

Fantasy or real, I really could not care.

Sometimes my daydreams are cartoons and drawings too.

As long as I receive them, real or not,

I will keep on clicking, cuz somehow I will find,

My Re: With Attachments, so full of surprise!

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