I can smile

Love Poems

It is music to my ears, it is air to my lungs,a heartbeat in my breast.To be called a good and wonderful mom, an accolade in its highest form.A beautiful compliment to always remember.To me, my dreams are fulfilled, I can rest and for now, I can smile.

My dreams were simple indeed, to marry and be happy, to be a wife and be a mother. My God was so kind and granted me my wish,we toiled hard and good, face our problems and our tests but in the end,we did survive and we did endure.

Now I am alone, but my angels are with me,somewhere far and safe, a land so kind and blessed. I still wonder if I did the best, if he left me happy and content,had I been a good wife and a mother, cause, these are all what I wanted, in this life so taken for granted.

Then one day, I heard him say, you are a good mom, and for this, my answers are complete, cuz when he left me on that day, he touched my face and in his eyes, I saw his love so very clear, as if to tell me that my dear, you've been a good wife till the end.

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