Oh ! Mr. Hatton, Mr. Hatton

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Oh! Mr. Hatton, Mr. Hatton

This time you got yourself in a bad situation

On the second round, you got a punch with full of passion

And went to sleep without permission

My heart skipped a bit and,

You need to do some explanation

My bet for you was in a million

Expecting that I will win a billion

And now I am in debt and in depression

I can feel my time has an expiration

And I am asking for a remission

Cuz I don't want to stay in prison.... LOL

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What a game.. thanks to you my lovely family, Sevie, Mimi, Tita linet, Tito Ed, Lulu, Jaime, Dondon and Aitor.this poem would not be complete without you guys. written after the fight.

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