disacociative feelings

i'm a million peices, waiting to be glued shut

i'm a car thats still, stuck in a rut

i'm the old tv, that stays in green

i'm way to bitter, i'm actin' mean

i'm not the same anymore, i don't want to think

hold me now, shoot me please

but will you, make it clean

make sure its right, and it's okay

i don't have to wake up another day

i'm like the picture, thats faded

i'm the child, that was jaded

i'm like the broken bones

always in pain yellin on the phone

nothing is seen clearly

now don't you think wish me dearly

grab me choke me tight

will you, please make it right

make me hurt urn to bite

and nothing ever seems the way its been

everything is going crazy i'm not here

i don't know what to think i don't know

i'm falling down breaking through

those million pieces of me

on the ground, pick them up

and throw them away, you don't care anyway

you are through with me

i feel it everyday

please be true to me

for i won't say

help me help me feel the life of pain

i feel so weathered, like the ocean sands

i am so battered, like a broken hand

i'm so messed up, like a junkie's true

i'm so fucked up, just like you

and i don't say what is on my mind

i won't hold you from being kind

you will steal it all when you find

your escape, its true to me, you lie to me

here we go, life is through with me

just so you know, look what you do to me

now you know

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