you tell me

its time to slow down

or you will melt now

the images are clearer

and clearness is nearer

no where to go

no way to get out

its like a dream but its not the same

do i wanna enjoy or still complain

your right your wrong all day long

sunrise in the afternoon

your messed up for good

sometimes when i feel like i'm dieing

i forget that i need to keep trying

if i give up i'll collapse down

and then no one will stand around

i control my thoughts and powers

i let myself slip for a few hours

fall into the sea of emotions

fall like a brick into the ocean

its clear now i'm going to drown

and i'll leave you a song with no sound

do you know its unbelievable

i said thats right...unbelieveable!

no way yes way oh way!

i know its cold outside

but i still have to let you go

i've got nothing more to hide

you can mentally rape me you know

i don't think i'd ever mind

if i ever think at all

somedays are sad and you cry

somedays make you mad and you want em to die

somedays you feel nothing is real

and its just a nitemare anyway

somedays you scream just to get away

your a freak your different

your a freak you stupid whore!

your a freak your crazy!

your a freak who just wants more!!!

what do we know that isn't known

why would they want us

do they really want us alive

most of them just want us

want us to die

maybe you'll see me soon

before i die in june

maybe you'll help me too

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