tell me whats above the mountains

whats there to keep us alive

why do we drink from the fountains

and do not wish to die

what makes us think life is thin

so dreamy and nothing stuck in

and the pain feels so real

radiating through my nerves

the reality of it all is close

and i leave this with a verve

something stuck something still

a wave of softening emotion covers me

and i've reached the plateau now

i'm in the sky

nothing can go wrong for i am high

here i am i am here

tell me now what to feel

oh lord here i go

i wish i wasn't me you know

and the path below reachs its distance

seeming so difficult i can't do it

crawling through the spider webs

its a drag take a drag guy in drag

hey you look like i've seen you

i'm trapped in my dreams and i'm burnt out

bugging out like i've been dead

i should of known its like a shot in the head

lieing and diein going fast near by flying again

oh so high tell me now to go to go to go!

i'm crashing in the waves

i'm falling through the mountains

i'm lieing face down in a pool

here i go i'm drowning again

i'm flying now its a twist

its a drag i'm a drag dressed in that

and you feel like its burning out

the candle running outta wax

and its still the same thing

that i was yesterday suddenly

i'm changing like that

and i still know i'm on my own

lonely deadly saddened tell me

touch me like you said you'd hold me

tell me its all below me and suddenly

things are happening again a woman

she's so crazy like apple blossems

nothing tells me she's so awesome

but suddenly i fall into that

open window closed doors tell me

where am i gonna go what am i here for

and magically i fall into that trap

once again i'm sucking up sour sap

and this is what life is for

living it like a cheap whore

and i'm...

i'm feeling lonely self assured

and you tell me no way don't be sure

i wish i'd known me then i can say

forget you forget me its okay

morphine tells me live another day

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