thrown into another situation

blinded with no equation

where should i be

nothing's ever through yet

gonna be alright all set

i don't know

maybe its okay now

maybe i won't frown

given the situation

i'm still here

what else can i give

what else did i do

what did i screw up

why am i screwed over

darkness eats away the sun

finally we're having fun

i'm a criminal a felon

i know the secret, your tellin'

twisted in another dream

nothing is what it seems

given the situation

i'm still sane

you've let me be

now i can't see

what's reality?

words of wisdom?

never bee

given who i am, i'm strong

given what i've done, i'm dead

given what i don't know, i'm smart

given what i've left, i'm poor

given me another chance, to do what?

i'd say help but what'd it do

we've fallen because of you

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