broken machines, spiritual graveyard

fell on you, to get to far

twisted clay, and rainy days

and still believe, no one knows

what you did to me, save me

and i fell in a pool of blood

as i drown in the flood

gotta get outta here (x4)

you tell me i'm a liar

so throw me in the fire

smoke me to get higher

you'd kill me for hire!

what did you do to me (alien)

i fell through the sea (blood)

i drowned into me (flood)

gotta get outta here (x4)

and you told me it didn't matter

you've had it all and wanted more

i still don't get around

i've become the whore!

yet you feel its all my fault

i won't take your blame

i'm the spicey salts

burnt by your flame

you kicked me, so crawl

i can't me the same

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