blue moon

its a blue moon and after all

my mind is shown it wont fall

its a twisted fate, who could

live a life with her scent still their

words they flow like water

she said she hated her father

it was deep, simple and evenly sweet

it all lead back to when she was young

he never let her do what she wanted

kept telling her it wasnt enough

made her go through life thinking

good is okay but the best is better

things they work out in twisted sorta ways

she couldnt live without him for days

he made her feel grand, its good like that

she never wanted to leave him at nite

she just wanted to be warm and near

she never knew they shared a fear

they said they hated being alone

thousands of miles that cant be flown

life has a way of making sure we're okay

yet what it falls to do is make sure

we never leave our destiny

we hurt what we love

we love what we hurt

thousands of miles without you

is like a day that hasnt came

its just a blue moon after all

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