one last note

how is your day

i see that your flying away

in your yellow airplane

one of these days

you'll be crashing to the ground

you want to plan it so we're not around

you think that we dont care

but really we will be there

the rope is tight

the time is right

what away to end

i guess its another trend

to take that final leap

never again will you creep

on out into the hall

you never let us take your fall

you wont go on but thats alright

we'll be fucked up all nite

and when your spirit hits the wind

you'll be floating above us

above us in the sky

wish we could of said goodbye

i'll leave you one last note

the world is fucked

its a great time to die

my life just sucks

and i dont know why

every thing i do

its just wrong without you

i'll leave you one last note

the gods have spoken

its you whos chosen

your spirit hits the wall

and we wonder were u even here at all?

its not like my thoughts count

you had to fight your final bout

i wasnt expecting you to be knocked out

one last word before i go

its not that i wanted to know

how does it feel to let it be real?

i'll leave you one last note

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