the sky

our spirit flies down when we come out then we fly in thro our open arms feeling future heart future love it came from up above the the towers above the trees we came in thro the open breaze we washed out the sky then come in thro our eyes look out into the sea wish it where all it can be but then we look up above the clouds into the sky and then we ask why.......why are we here what did we do how come hates anew sometimes the purple clouds talk to loud we hear it all yet we feel so small but in ur heart u can change the future of u the future of them dont worry its never really as painful as the first time

in the sky in the sky i hear u cry the whole nite tho i ask why i ask why did u pull thro u say in the sky in the sky i heard the cry of your eyes in then i knew that if i die if i die u'd die to so then why did u try to lie to me did u know i'd try too in the end yea in the end we try to hard cause the sky the sky it tried to and we die yea we die and we fly yah we fly on thro in the sky in the sky we fly to.

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