my emotions

i'm empty inside, theres nothing more to hide

she was loved so much, yet she didnt know of such

until it was to late dont you hate the way of fate

running around the day's over and i still havent seen her

i'm burning up and i cant keep shut

i know what to do ye i cant run away from you

whay to go did you know

you hurt as much as heal making this too real

i'm overbored and i'm not swiming

you dont know what i've been in

i'm counting the minute go by

i dont want to think nevermind try

is this what its meant to be

i can see you but can you see me

i'm never what i'm meant to be

i also see what i want to see

yet as the hours go by i dont think i know why

you turned me over and let me fry its your turn to dry

sorry is a word used to much good and bad

with out it we both feel real sad

crying and you dont know why

but you do tink you could die

so come on over and make due

i feel like shit without you

i'm melting without this

your the one i miss

fuck the romantic bliss

can you belive what i tried

now my heart is fried

and we both cried for help

it was stronger then we felt

i wish we could rewind and start over

that way we dont have to say love

maybe we should fast foward to her

i cant go on but the force is from above

maybe she should rethink what she did

all the lies she should of hid

if any exsict now we are in a hell

my life sucks i wish i could sell

now and then i think about my choices

its almost lik they're voices

wherever you are your not to far

if i cant reach you i would wish away the day

then again time has away of leaving us behind

i dont want to be away from you any longer

please lets go back to what were even though i'm not sure

a day without you isnt a day with me

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