Since that night I knew it wasn't right,

We kissed, but that was the end of our night.

when I came home all I could think of were the converstion that we just had,

That night, my thoughts were eating me alive,


Its been over 48 hours and I wished I had said goodbye.

Its been over 48 hours and im going mad

I think about it and it kinda makes me sad.

Regret... a regret... The regret that I even put a single sweat

A regret that I even wasted my time.

WE had something great but thats old news that fade away

Everything that I said was no regret,

funny yet that you wanted to talk in text.

The kiss means nothing to me because yet you left and every memory

we had become, was gone.

I loved you and I cared, but you left so 

I was gone too.

- V



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