There Are No Words

The night's slipped away,
And I regret to say, That I can't say,
These simple words,
In other words,
There are no words.

And I could be cliche' and say,
Tomorrows another day,
But it just wouldn't feel the same that way.

Because right now, I'm feel the heat of the moment,
Right now, I see you are the key component.
The missing piece of the puzzle,
In my heart and soul,
You unlock the love and make me whole.

But now the night is at an end.
I drop you off and can only attempt to mend.
Because each day, the distance seems to grow.
When will you be back? I have to know.

If I could, I'd buy you a bouquet on the day the distance closes.
Unfortunately, I'm broke as shit, so I hope you can see these words that I write as paper roses.

I just wish I didn't let the night slip away,
Because I really did have so much to say.
But the perfect moment was gone.
And looking back, I did this all wrong.
Don't wait for the perfect moment,
Take the moment and make it perfect.

-The Coward

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