Black Blizzard

Eyes full of smoke

We fall beneath the shadows,

The only lights we see

Are from the burning stars above us,

The eyes of ancient gods

Who have long forgotten our world


Like snow, the ashes float down from the heavens,

A blinding black blizzard

With heavy winds

That spills the thick night air into our lungs,

Flowing past our quivering lips

Now only inches apart


Your name,

Your face,

And who you are to me

Are lost within the midnight storm,

All I know of you

Is the sound of your voice

As you repeatedly call out the words:

“it’s time to come home”


Just as our lips touch

The skies above us shatter,

And in that moment

I am ripped away from this world

To find myself laying still,

Wrapped up within your warm embrace

You whisper my name and smile,


“where have you been?”

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