Falling Apples

A stranger once showed me

Where true love begins

And led me through the garden

The birth place of sin


The skeletons of what once was

And what could have been

Are relics of the last great betrayal

From a serpent eyed woman


In each of her hands

Skin dark as the earth

Lay 2 ancient seeds

The key to love’s birth


Her palm on my chest

Skin white as the stars

She whispers 3 words

And plants the seeds in our hearts


We then fall to our knees

Next to the fountain of youth

A reflective barrier

Between fantasy and truth


While our dreams lie beneath

We only see our side

And as she reaches in the water

The two worlds collide


Following her movements

We lean in for a sip

And once our eyes meet

So do our lips


As the years pass

This world’s all we come to know

Our garden bursts with life

As we watch our love grow


One day as we’re lying

Among the stars in the sky

Your hand slips from mine

And you whisper good-bye


Without explanation

You fall back down to earth

Although the fire engulfs you

You’re immune to its burn


I feel my heart stop

As I’m frozen with pain

The water we drank

Turns to ice in my veins


As you hit the earth

The fire scorches the land

And all that is left of us

Are the ashes and sand


The more I reach for you

The farther I fall away

We are cursed to never meet again

The fate of night and day

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