These walls have been scarred with symbols

Of a lost and forgotten tongue,

The rust of these wounds

Concealed beneath stone, dust and dried blood

Ignite into burning mounds of embers,

Sinking far below

Into the underlying chamber of this hourglass…


Drop by drop,

In a rain storm set ablaze

The pile of ash in the abyss below

Grows and grows,


A cold and constant reminder

Of the seconds that have passed

Since I last took a breath…


The intoxicating aroma

Of the sweet nectar that surrounds me

Caresses my lips…


With just one taste the gateway is opened,

Leaving me to drown

As this bitter thick fluid

Consumes my lungs, heart, and soul…


Falling back against the walls of stone

I witness the last of the falling embers

Transforming into a gentle flurry of blackened snow…


As my eyes fall shut

My fingertips run across the final etchings on the stone,

Only this line of jagged engravings seems almost familiar,

My lips tremble as they dance to the beat of the letters

That now seem to float beneath my hand,


“it has only just begun”

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