vile mind

Life goes on


My vile mind won’t let me sleep

All it does is

Want to weep,

Vile it is

 So very true I can’t

Believe what I have said,

You vile mind

I just want to unwind,

Stop with the thoughts of hurt and lies

We have already

 Unraveled our ties,

Vile and burnt

 Black and chard,

I never wanted

 To leave you scared,

My vile mind

 Had full control,

I really can’t stand it,

It won’t let go.

Vile mind I banish you,

From all the evil that you cause,

I command

 You to do well,

And help when in need.

I will take

 All control indeed,

Vile mind

 Say good night,

There’s no more time

To fight,

It is over time to sleep,

I will not have

You tearing at me,

Eating me up or chew at

 What people do,

My vile mind

 Has disappeared,

I see so clear

 Now that I have,

My vital mind,

I can finely see

Myself in the mirror,

No more blurred images

Just my face

 Very clear,

I haven't seen it,

It vanished

Without a trace,

But now it’s back

 I have my mind settled

On time

 Looking forward

The world is mine

For me to be happy,

That’s what

 I was meant to be,

So vital and bright

Clean and new,

Always wanting

To be so ever true

Vile mind is gone

 At last nothing but new

Come I’m moving on


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