ice cream boy

lost love

You the ice cream boy

 Across the store

I the cashier

You never saw before

I fell in love no one knowing

But myself,

I thought you were straight,

 Feelings grew stronger

With each passing day

What to do or say

Didn’t know

So they

Grew with every sight of you

Working so hard

I watched you scoop

Customers very rude so you were too,

I didn't care

I'm in love with you.

Little did I know?

You were too,

Then you called me one day

In shock I was,

You stuttered

So cute you froze to say

Want to go out someday

I replied

With no hesitation,

I couldn't believe it,

Was this real

With everyone

Saying it wouldn't last,

You must have known

From your past,

Cause they were right.

I should have known

You would leave.

Never to forget

How happy we were,

When we first met

Rite aid

Was the place

It gave me the

Best five years with you,

And I will always

Hold them deep and true


Author's Notes/Comments: 

when i fell in love with doug my ex

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