The fox and the Lonely Lion

"The Fox and the Lonely Lion"

Once upon a time there was a lion walking through the jungle crying because he was feeling alone. He was wondering why he didn’t have an animal that could be his friend, someone who can spend just a little time with him. Near of where he was, a fox was walking and listened the cries and for curiosity she decided to go and see who he was. When she saw that the crying come from the lion, the animal she feared and envied so much; she decided to take advantage of the situation. The next day the fox went back to the place where the lion was, still crying. The fox came closer to him and ask him: “What’s wrong with you? Why are you so sad and anguish? The lion turn his head and when he realized it was the fox he ignored her. The fox said: “Well... I was just trying to help you”, then she turned around and go away. The lion was thinking about what that fox said and desperated thought that maybe the fox was really able to help him and be his friend. The lion went to find that fox and when he found her he said to her: “I have a huge problem, but I don’t think you can help me, you have the same problem too.” The fox asked him: “And what is that problem?” “Even thought I am the king of the jungle, I’ve been thinking and I concluded that I am the loneliest and the unhappiest animal here, I have no friends and nobody who can spend time with me and I don’t know why this is happening to me.”- He answered. She smiled and said: “Of course I can help you; you said that I have the same problem, well actually it is because I want it and I live well this way; your problem is that you are a scary animal and that’s the reason no one dares to approach to you. Your claws, fangs, hunting instinct and your big body are the reasons of your loneliness and unhappiness.” The lion thought about that for a while but he wasn’t convinced at all. “I’ll give an example” - the fox said, have you ever seen the elephant and the mole talking and cohabitating? Even though the elephant is a big animal, it’s so peaceful and he has no claws and fangs, that’s way the mole can be his friend. The lion finally convinced, asked for the solution to the fox; she said: “It’s easy, if you want to be my or anybody’s friend, since you can change your size, you need to cut your claws and your fangs, so you will look less fearsome and you will make others to want to be your friends.” Without thinking twice, he did what the fox said. The fox, when she saw the “new” lion started to laugh and called her friends; all of them where humiliating the lion when they saw he was no longer fearsome. The lion left the place and realized that the fox didn’t wanted to be his friend, she only tricked him. Since the animals still weren’t getting close to him, he realized that besides of being lonely and unhappy he wasn’t fearsome anymore and nobody would have respect for him.

- If someone wants to be your friend should accept you as you are and not ask you to change.
- Never trust too much to get rid of your own defenses, because you will be defeated easily by those who respected you before.

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Valeria Estrada
David González

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