My grandmother's backyard

My grandmother’s backyard is so special for her, just like it is to me. Imagine a yard full of different kinds of trees: walnut trees, fig trees, orange trees, peach trees, rose bushes, tall pine trees, lemon trees and other bushes; flowerpots painted and decorated by my grandmother, the smell of fresh nature and a blue pool in the corner. This is my grandmother’s backyard which has been raised and cared by her own; she practically planted the first trees and watched them grow. Since I remember, this yard has been a special one, in it, my cousins, friends and me, spent the afternoons playing and hiding behind our favorite big rose bush. Also when I was a little girl I used to spend every summer there with my cousins having fun and beating the high temperatures of Monclova with a hose. When my grandma saw us with the hose, she started to think about us then she decided to build a pool. The pool besides of giving us more fun than anything before, was also built with the purpose of taking away my grandfather fear to water. Nowadays he doesn’t like water but he gets into the pool without any fear. This backyard has been place of numerous familiar events; I remember I celebrate my ninth birthday in there and it was really fun and entertaining, we had celebrated “posadas” at Christmas, also there was the place where my father gave the engagement ring to my mother. The best thing of my grandmother is that she is open to receive anyone, with love and kindness in her house and she is willing to provide her backyard when somebody needs to do something like a reunion, birthday party or just a simple family dinner. I admire the way my grandmother loves her garden, it is like his favorite place to be; she, with my grandfather’s help, fertilizes, waters and prunes the plants while every season of the year passes. This place is so special because it was created with the hard work and love of a united family. This place has been the family binding site for many years and I hope it remains the same. Today because of the long distances and commitments in my family, we are not able to visit my grandparents, but I know that whenever I go there I will be remembering over and over again, the beautiful moments I lived in that backyard during my childhood.

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