IN the morning, soft and crisp
the breeze blew and there was mist
and as I got out i saw a girl
the girl next door,
brooming her verandah
thought i, what a great figure
and there were ugly pictures
but m not a womanizer

and i went further to my stop
where my bpo cab was to stop
there stood two schoolgirls
clad in their short white skirts
and i said to myself,,
they really look amazing
and for next 10 minutes,,
about them i was thinking,
but m not a womanizer,,

and then came my cab,
indeed it looked fab!!
with five chicks in it,
and me the 2nd dude,, quick at mm(mathematics)
thought who'll get the third
but shooed the thought as fast as possible
tried to be nice in the nice herd
and as i say,,
m not a womanizer,,

tell me,,
against me have u any grudge,
c'mon tell me & be the judge

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