The war in 1993


See my love 1 die at my hands im ready to proceed the mission

They brop the bomb on my home where we are present n alive

Demolished you destroyed our place of comfort sleep dim lights


Distressed screaming in get down lets go we shall survive on the boat

Starved all long journey sailed 3 months to reach our helping destination

Where i bured my half brother who drank salt to stay alive now hes dead 


Make a prayer to him we where he shall be in our memories to rise

Drained all of us my grand mom and sis and bro see hope on sea

Cry in pain thinking we shall be saved in due time gods ansewr


Keep close to each other inshallash the team we will be there

Thank god we made it we shall eat im hungry feed me empty

Thank once again the soilder who cared that did they duty


My loves 1 see the see us my mom my warrior who saved

She did her part she is smart she cares she is the real deal

We shall be in your heart even the war that happen in 1993










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