Las Vegas


I'm lost on what to do my account is empty i wasted the green and all out

Played the game in the casino on the table card shuffle draw down show

Hope 2 get six to win the fortune landed on the 5 go and roll the dice twice


Keep at it with the pase i never quit im on a lucky streak the wish hit riches

I'm made i came from the bottom i still want more get the jackpot i need retire

I'm on fire on game mode nothing can distract me sleepless nights big bright lights


See the confidence in my eyes as i play the game at ease steady flow as i demolish

The competitor whos better between us i am my boy early beginner never a defender

He made a mistake that he shall regret on a later point i made his day the defiantly


Hungry and eager to reach the highest point the snow mountain get down and snowboard

To the victory lane i go and speed on full force nothing can stop the machine i am nor break

So i say ohh yeah my fans who support the talent that comes off the top naturally miss beverly


Holla out loud say something weird while you sip on the COLD BEER fade out to the music sound jump

Dance on them so what if they stare to dare to provoke the winning man on the move rain down green

Smile on face as i cruise through the sport i enjoy playing i'm addicted i'm with it ball out in las vegas













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