Grow up


When the pressure in life is to hard to handle should i break

SAY HELL NAH and proceed with caution chase the dream

Of sucksesssss and take it day by day things will improve


Prove those jealous few that seem 2 hate for no reason envy

You wish you were me a humble man with drive and persistence

Never bow and down and stoop low and bag for your means 2 eat


Stop feeling sorrow 4 yourself no 1 cares until u care 2 change 4 better

Because time waits 4 no 1 with excuse after next and living in denial

Get in where you fit in brush away bad negative vibes by being positive


Think before you react out of emotion that will lead you into prison convicted

Forgotten to rot in a cell as time gos by while you age in misery wishing freedom

Terrified to not get violated by the lifers who will never get out right hook man down


Take the bullshit throw at u this heartless cold world wash your sins and pray bow repent

We all have problems it's how you deal with it 2 overcome that counts so make a move or lose

Go ahead what are you waiting 4 stay strong keep your composure you softy soft just grow up











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