Nubian Goddess


A work of art built with perfection she shines a blessing from the heavens above

Unique well groomed fresh fragrance smell she is a rose that every man attracts

She knows what to say to make you feel at ease because she cares 2 listen closely


Easy 2 relate 2 her words are hyptonic that touches the soul she is your savior at hand

When you are in distress and need someone 2 listen 2 your pain that you conceal inside

She gives you real answers that deliverys real results for your problems that you have 


Making you feeling worthy and appreciated that a human with a heart gave a damn ohh

She sees the desperate sadness in your eyes she step up and made a move 4 u 2 improve

Giving you hope 2 fight 2 live another day telling u just 2 be patient and that god will provide it


Wow she is a miracle she did her promise she shall be protected a caring woman with a genuine heart

2 rescue here i come 2 save the day i will not delay 2 save a life that needs it the most i'm here conquer

Rise never comprise keep at it you have unlimited power that never breaks nor discharge always ready


A diamond piece that she is always positive with a beautiful smile that every other women envy hate me

Even though she battles struggles in live she keeps a strong smile on her face 2 show she is brave 2 win

I love her there is no other women in the world that can compare 2 her she is the best a teacher nubian goddess 








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