The Tough Guy


When you reach out 4 help and the silly arrogant ignore

They seem 2 have an attittude when they see you pleading

Feeling unwanted a trash 2 laugh at because they are hateful


Than you wonder why the good person turn 2 crime drop the weak links

Because they were patient 2 deal witch bullshit said at them i see the sadess

Its a cold world alaska freeze continue 2 talk shit you lonely small man no respect


Ohh well should i slap him and choke this bitch strong with long arms i drop wannabes

Your 2 tense relax smoke the herb 2 elevate the mind 2 creativity making feel oblivous

Fuck you and what you stand 4 control your pride and egooooo my sweetheart erase him


lets rage on fucking center stage if your brave 2 have the light shine on you my cinderla

I love u come give me a kiss if we were locked up where i served time i will make u my slave

Now go and cook me the food that i require i'm hungry cherry make it fast before i go ape shit dismantle


Make it quick or get the homicide that i will inflict upon you make a move i thought so your now built 4 the tough life

Go home 2 your comfort zone your brave when you drain the hard liquor that have you confused step your game up

He tried 2 be real than he got the real deal treatment ungrateful little toy boy with no victory joy don't be serious Tough guy










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