The Snitch



He is your mane man when its time ride


2 get shit done at steady pace no trace


Leave the scene with no evidence unsolved




Home invation zip lock the victims secure 


Hogtie them 2 never tossle nor move stay


Violated they feel some type of way revenge




Send the message beware be afraid of the bandits


We are coming 4 everything empty the safe on way


Lets play lets crack the code 2 unlock the fortune inside




The clock is thicking 2 capture take the score and share


Look 4 the marked bill 2 never be found burn it fire inferno


Enjoy the real paper 2 ball out and wild out 2 spend it at easy




Till it runs out 2 make a move 2 take 2 get the lick plan it get it


Trust the unknown sidekick that your man knows 2 hit big oh mine


Caught by the police get interrogated 2 confess 1 must go the snitch













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