Witness protection


Afraid 2 go outside keeping your eyes open for repercussion

Hard 2 sleep at night i toss and turn thinking that i will die

The gun is by my side 2 to anticipate an expected attack


Guilty conscius running in my mind i should have never snitch

The regret has happen theres nothing i can do but 2 protect myself

So that i can live a freedom life 2 enjoy the beauty outdoors relax


Instead of keeping it real and hush your mouth i'd rather escape

Because is not worth it 2 do time for your friends who have killed

I was the observer that watched madness place see the scared drop


Stand up 4 myself 2 never take bullshit at first sight glance lets rumble

Nightmares in my dream when i sleep blood stains on the concrete old

Someone please clean up the blood stains thats on the floor the sanitizing


Just a prediction that if i'm caught pointed the assasin that will eliminate

He keeps a death record 2 seek revenage 2 never get hurt get justice

The project that i am is ready 2 take your shit mr. police witness protection











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