Fatal Attraction


When we first met i thought she was the perfect one 

We had a moment mate seduction foreplay time

I made you feel at ease with my charm and cool swagger


Because you needed 2 be loved and understood 2 feel complete

All your life you wanted 2 be accepted but you were neglected

Just 2 shine 2 have the upper hand 2 rise and be at the center


See the other women with perfection looks you get jealous upset

Try your best 2 stand out amongst the compettion only i make count

I'm better than you i have skill and range than you the power above


I have the say so 2 put pressure on you 2 never think on what 2 say

You wish you had the brave courage 2 confront your impressor redflag

Afraid 2 speak and stand up 4 yourself lost on what 2 do ohh well forget


She calls your cell 24/7 2 make sure she matters know else in your mind

She scary she hates rejection she makes sure she controls the scene hit

This psycho bitch won't leave me i said no and she keeps coming fatal attraction











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