The bully


He is a good kid with a clear mind 2 acheive great success

He is obident and respectful towards his parents the patient

He knows what he wants out of life 2 not be a figure statistic


He granduated from middle school with straight A's honorable

Always focused 2 be the best that stands out amongst the rest

Kindhearted understanding fair never a hypocrite the golden arch


Simple and plain i stay righteous at all times 2 remember the lord

I enter high school as a lonesome make friends naturally easy flow

Have a goal set 2 make it so that my parents brag about me satisfied


Completed grade 9 move on 2 the next stage almost there with precision

Giving a helping hand 2 those few students who struggle 2 relate understand

Because there not alone there is someone who cares that will uplift with smile


As you advance the hater vultures watch and slow creep 2 put you down terrified

Scared outnumbered try your best 2 fight your way out but the confrontation continues

Feel broken discourage as the savages attack with hate jealous they would rater bully




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