The Immigrant


Hit the road leave your corrupt country  

Seek help seek shelter when they attack

Politician who lie 4 better change no results


Gone insane on what 2 do you send message

Having doubts stuck in a maze that leads trapped

Fuck you and mr. persident who gives zero fucks


Just 2 have a record following 4 number and ranks

Like they care or are fare see the disbelieve eyes

Thinking on whats your move 2 give ur family hope


Living under minimum wage 2 eat a roof over head

I'm not makng enough 2 make ends meat unsatisfied

Even if i try harder 2 earn it's never simply a challenge


Make your move come up what the price i need happiness

I will sacrfice my life so that my family don't drop strave

A real man that did his duty 2 provide labelled an immigrant





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