Juarez Mexico


The citizens of the city are afraid 2 go out at night

Violence and mayham at first sight sick and broken

Who will help us when we need that at ready response


See your close love 1 drop by unknown assailant unsolved

Drip down in tears live in fear all eyes open whats next

Lost on what 2 do when u search 4 the answer rejected


Hear police sirens at night when they patrol 2 stop crime

Toss and turn hard 2 sleep when it annoy your tranquility

Wake up at of surprise thinking someone has been killed


Thats what i see in the news and around the street corner

There is no hope waste each other like a test drill forget

No guilty conscience no morals do as we please inflict fear


So that when the feds come at a murder scene no 1 knows

If they snitch we know were 2 relocate them they r ghost

Come at your own risk i hope my city heals at juarez mexico


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