Good times at the Circus


Book your ticket and reserve your seat 2 see magic

Be amazed and surprised at the sight acrobatic act

Take a picture 2 capture the moment 2 remember


Did you see that what a move by the swing performers

They hop and switch side 2 side with perfection grib hold

As they smile at you known that your entartained simple


Let the wild animals out the elephant, the lion, the horse

The rider on top got the arrow on hand he shoots the stick

Insde the hola hoop with the flamming fire around the edge


Laugh conversate with follow spectators make friends and enjoy

Your name has been called by the actors 2 participate and shine

You rose 2 the request 2 try 2 not be afraid of obsticles a hero


Let the viewers watching aware you are happy 2 be here 2 be a star

Because i went on centre stage 2 do me dance lead the away freely

What a night i had the most out of life stress when i went 2 a the circus












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