God's Angels


If it was written than the truth shall be told eyes

Never fabricate the event that shook the world lit

So that the earthlings are aware of danger sight


Read the newspaper tragedy after next madness

Cold hearted society even a simple hi seems strange

When the hateful few see that something is wrong


I am completely fine because i have smile on my face

A true human never a vulture nor a zombie i'm happy

Take care of business be the an example a real hero


Just 2 shine that man took action 2 be the ultimate 

Warrior 2 turn 2 when your in criss mode i will save u

Say your peace let me know the pain that hurts inside


So that i can read a prayer verse 2 change your life

Because u are worthy 2 care 4 when in distress sad

Close your eyes while i give you the sermon god's angels







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