The drop out


Told as a child in order to be somebody you must complete higher learning

Attend the class pay attention be the best student to make grade scholarship

So that you please your parents because you tried your best to rise on top


Out smart the smart ass that thinks he or she knows everthing they plagiarize

Read a few quotes from a book than act that they wrote it just to test knowledge

But in reality they don't know shit from wrong just to impress the other person


Listen 2 boring professor that keeps repeating meaningless outsourced lectures

Just to earn a passing grade on your essay that you spent hours 2 perfect it

Than the teacher says that your essay does not state the fact of true events


You need rewrite the it again and come correct with original detail information

Frustrated time wasted fail the test lost on what 2 do i'm fucking screwed shit

Ohh well make my own moves to earn a living come up the plan and proceed


Write my business portfolio set it up and register the business obtain the license

Make real profit on my own i am the boss of my empire organization establishment

There's no point on going to university live in debt have regrets it's best i drop out






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