I keep thuggin it


On the come up hit the road and get to work

No time 2 waste on the paper green eagarly

Put in work get the job done at ease no mistakes


Secure the corner gather crew claim it mr real estate

Every worker must get paid earn your rank 2 excel

Eliminate the weak wannabe that fucks up your fired


Fearless i bleed green on a mission to achieve higher

I never sleep ready tummy full i eat energized waken

Cause it's necessary 2 stay focused to remain a king


I'm known i get instant hoodpass real recognize real

Because i did it on my own fight my way up held it down

Earn the respect required so that the haters keep quit


Built with perfection i'm a real man that handles business

Humble in the heart always myself happy no stress no pain

I put a smile on my face i rise and perform i keep thuggin it





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