Female X


She was the best i ever had she was ready 2 get down

She was true 2 the game she has no shame do duty

Ohh fucking god she a keeper a toss and pass stranger


All life she wanted 2 be accepted than she was neglected

She went crazy fucking hippo sleepless nights driven insane

Just 2 try 2 remain 2 be seen 2 those candy that inflect harm


Abandboned from birth dropped off in the dumpster by the parent

Found by the garage collector a baby it's alive medical treatment

Sedated 2 stay relaxed hear her breathe she is recupertating


Just 2 smile at the sight she is beautiful child that glows fortune

Whomever grabs and embrace her she gives you luck charm rise

Than you defuse her with your nonsense jealously u wish she u


Tell you lies 2 seek the truth at hand discover on your own search

Dig deeper who am i seeking lost human that was never treated

I don't have a record i'm not on police file i guess i may be famale x



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