Mad Man


Escape away 2 a place where know 1 can find you me

Just 2 hide yourself from bullshit danger i'm at peace

Me and myself 2 ignore the hater that lerks and sees


Because he or she is curious just 2 act and make move

They wish they were free but the hurt inside disagrees

Sick ugly unhealthy fiesty never had they swing chabby


Cry alone in there lonely home i need a friend who cares

Surf the web youtube addiction insta fucking grammmy

Comment negatively overweightly i lack humor fitness


Screaming in pain bowel fucking strain sit down n poop

HAHAHAHAH LALLJJAJA WHAT ever it means chihuahua

Continue 2 proceed defeated obliviated high n medicated


Walking around in a state of confusion deranged a lunatic

Hearing voices in my mind that cause me 2 rebel obey listen

Whatever there is no cure 2 heal the piece of shit mad man










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