Arrogant People


I come correct 2 be free and real 2 feel complete gentleman

Than you come across the sad doggy smiley stink that barks

Because he or she was deprived from birth lonely they cry


Wishing they had a real best friend that cared greedy stupid

Wake up early in the morning with a miserable face hateful

Try there best 2 heal they are in pain that conflicts in the mind


Ohh my god why me i have H.i.V PLUS the S.T.D i'm contaminated

I touch the clean person than they have my VIRUS i'm ungrateful

Disgusting infested slime wishing i was in my prime old deteriorating


I'm ugly horrendous i'm low penis tiny man i don't have the upper hand

I've never got laid in a 100 years i have no game 2 please a woman dry

Shoot blanks i can't skeet when i masturbate i'm in love with lance bass


Undercover homo who infects his wife with terminal disease stink fucker

He's a gay porn watcher, cum drainer, dude lover the whole nine yards

Put a smile on your face don't take life serious be humble arrogant people





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