It's real in the dangerfield keep your guard up keep alive

Handle your business 2 eat 2 generate the paper green

On your own know 1 2 help me i will get down and survive


Gangster disciples that control the block infiltare 2 dominate

Erase the compete that hate us and love us press them warned

No funny trick game we have shooters on deck 2 slap and drop


Take our package or get the fuck off the corner i am your owner

Feel brave if you think we joke on the dollar make a move turd

I thought so you are not built 2 earn and take care of commas


Lets rage lets fight lets draw point and aim if u can and shoot

He scared he piss his pants he not ready he is a clown a fool

Pretender just an imposter i'll eat u like a lobster sissy bow


I'm on the open keeping count 2 never drown 2 check cheater

Be honest don't lie you small boy i know you i see you crushed

The saga continues for us players 2 suffer they know us chiraq



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