I guess i'm a Gambler



I'm on mission 2 make it big and come back home with a fortune rich

I feel lucky that my question 2 the lord above has hit the head answer

Put a smile on my face no bad thoughts hit the road and look straight


Call the boyz 2 accompany me 2 take the trip all way down 2 Las Vegas

Forget the stress and the strain that we went through at work and home

Time 2 indulge time 2 play time to meet and compete with the real players


Sit on the table make the bet 1 grand dice toss hope that i win with no loss

The dicey hit's the backend damn it was a number 2 i need the 6 oh well again

Eager i need it the millie i keep at it fast swift never tired never droool go go


Gadget go let them know i'm a competitor with plenty of cheddar 2 waste

I love 2 play i love 2 learn i have a fearless drive that gives me the courage

2 built the careless confidence that i have 2 not care nor cry nor hide open


Make way for the amateur that will demolish the pros that are always on top

So that they remember my face and recall the match that we had endless

Maybe it's in me 2 try and take a loss and rebuild 2 win i guess i'm a gambler 









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