I'm your favorite musician


I'm a live wire when i step on the stage go hard or go home raving

Speak the truth with deep wordplay that will keep the fans bumping

Let them follow your lead with your groovy dance moves spin away


Jump up and down start the mushpit push eachother chest hits n hits

Feel the beat wait 4 it as the drum kicks touchs your body lose control

Act a fool rage out the emotions inside be free be happy enjoy the night


Grab the hottie by the hand slow dance speed put a smile on her face

Lust one another close grib sweat drips wine to the sounds blasting

Keep at it don't stop never drop make the haters jealous speechless


Watch the growd get hypy 2 there favourite song they know the words

They are the reason that i stay bringing new bangers a hit on the radio

I'm the playlist that rings bells when the listeners pay attention n appreciate


Knowing that when they have a bad day they can sit back relax and press play

Release your inner pain out as you sing my lyricals home alone in your zone

Anxious patiently waiting 4 my next album release i'm your favorite musician




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