My Skitzo Brother


When you question his problem he is in denial he won't listen stuborn

He talks out of term he thinks the world is against him he needs help

I tried my best 2 encourage him 2 change he acts strange when your right


Out of zone he thinks the feds are after him he say's they know me closely

Speak random thoughts he's not up there in the brain gone insane he smiles

Just 2 have you thinking what's going on with him i love him he needs healing 


He sleeps all day when his little sister works and his little bro they put a roof

His half bro that came from overseas got a job in 4 months a real g with money

He drains his sorrow with alcohol when intoxicated when sober he is a real bitch


Scared 2 face life in point view 2 deal with the anxiety in this heartless society

He feels that it broke him weep break feel defeated that i will never accomplish

Fights outlash with mom and dad when they worry for his sake rebuttal fuck u


Hardheaded he thinks hes right can't tell him shit destructive he is losing it

We as a family tried 2 give him an intervention he won't accept cold hearted

He feels that there is nothing wrong with him we love u we care my skitzo brother






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