The superstar



When he went mainstreem he forgot to bring that the voice

Just bacause you made it does not mean that you leave the team

A hit song on the billboard you sound the same don't ghost writer


We love you the same at times we hate you sing your sorrow away harmoney drip tears 

Sell your soul to the illmuninati your behaving naughty rise get butt fucked and love it

Money is more importent 2 u than good health well being your not human a clown mislead


Just 2 promote bad vibes so that your excutives told you so a fool a puppet 4 hire

Have no morals no emotions no compassion what it does to the little kidlings observe

Than you realize why they grow up confused as men as women pick your sexual desire


I'm hired i will never expire i will laugh it you as i make you obey me i'm your idol a model

Follow my lead i will make you rave and bleed head concussion there is no discussion drop

Silly toy my honey cup my sweateart my angel my slave stay in your lane i get paid 2 ciwaaaya


Get stupid get retarded get happy as i make you listen closely 2 my voice loyal your my royal crown

I tricked you i love spend money buy my bullshit music it will give hope 2 weep when your depressed

Get excited you are never divided my precious my heart i'm made you got played i'm known a superstar







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